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Welcome to visit jtfurnace dot com. Trolley Furnace is period operating furnace, mainly for general metal parts of normalizing, annealing, quenching etc. heat treatment.Furnace max. temperature is 1100C or 950C or 650C. Advantages: 1. Heating elements are distributed in the furnace chamber, the layout is reasonable. 2. Trolley's turnover, the door opens shuts is by the electric motor through the worm gear, the worm bearing adjuster and the chain drive realizes. 3. With door and trolley and heater chain protection, safe and reliable. 4. The temperature control uses the PID automatic control power, smooth temperature control. Detailed product specifications, please visit our website. And email to jtfurnace at hotmail dot com.10Separates the dust and rainproofChina1

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