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Welcome to visit jtfurnace dot com. Crucible Melting Furnace is suitable for aluminum, zinc, copper melting and holding, especially for supporting die casting machine, also use as the zinc alloy dregs material recovery furnace. Optional heating method: electricity, gas, fuel oil. Advantages: 1.Superior product performance, reliability, durability 2.With imported burner, high efficiency, fast melting 3.Furnace temperature and aluminum liquid temperature precise controllable, the aluminum liquid quality is highest, the aluminum loss by burning rate is lowest. 4.May choose the cast iron or the graphite crucible, is equipped with leakage protective device. 5.Selects the fuel gas heating to install the flue-gas recuperation, conserves energy. 6.Easy to maintain and cleaning residue, clean environment, environment emissions target and the energy efficiency target surpass the country and the European and American standard. Detailed product specifications, please visit our website. And email to jtfurnace at hotmail dot com.10Separates the dust and rainproofChina1

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