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Welcome to visit jtfurnace dot com. Pit Nitrogenation Oven Advantages: 1.Electric furnace with hot air circulation system that allows the muffle atmosphere and temperature uniformity. 2.With atmosphere protection, no distortion, no oxidation, saving raw materials. 3.Furnace cover lift uses electric hydraulic device, furnace cover is with smooth up and down, jitter-free. 4.Furnace muffle, loading baskets, fans, etc. with heat-resistant alloy steel, long life. 5.Furnace is equipped with the rapid cooling installment, may cool rapidly according to the need. 6.Furnace is equipped with the chain-like protective device, may prevent the breakdown and accident which occurs due to the misoperation. 7.Exhaust gas discharged through the combustion, no pollution, environmental protection, good benefits 8.Decomposition rate was controllable, mature technology, stable application. 9.The processing product cost is low, for example, aluminum material mold average cost 0.45Yuan/kg. Detailed product specifications, please email to jtfurnace at hotmail dot com.10Separates the dust and rainproofChina1

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